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At Graziano Orthodontics, your dental wellness is our main priority! To bring you the most innovative care with the same level of reliability you’ve grown accustomed to, we obtain the newest dental technology and keep up to date with the advances taking place in conventional and specialized orthodontics. When helping our patients, both young and old, bolster their confidence through aesthetic dental work or orthodontics, we believe that extensive diagnostics and personalized treatment is important. Whether you’re looking for an Concord orthodontist for your child, your teenage, or for yourself, we provide quality orthodontic care for people of all ages.

You may not be bothered by your slightly misaligned smile or the various gaps between your teeth, but there are other benefits to receiving orthodontics apart from obvious aesthetic improvement. Conventional orthodontics and Invisalign also enhances the overall wellness of your teeth and gums. A crowded mouth and misaligned teeth are a lot harder to clean, which could result in more cavities, decay, or gum disease. Other orthodontic problems can give rise to ineffective chewing function, which can cause abnormal stress on your gums and jawbone, as well as irregular wear of tooth surfaces. However, by addressing these orthodontic problems in one’s childhood, the dental professionals at Graziano Orthodontics, can control the growth and formation of your permanent teeth, greatly reducing the need for tooth removal in the future. Although the optimal orthodontic treatment time is in one’s childhood and adolescence, adults can also benefit from orthodontics. It’s never too late to have a wonderful and straight smile. Orthodontics, from conventional steel orthodontics to Invisalign retainers, can be effective for patients at any age!

Make Graziano Orthodontics your Concord family orthodontist and enjoy a unforgettable and positive orthodontic experience. Our objective is to give our patients a wonderful and healthy grin that shines as brightly as their wonderful personalities. Let us assist you in acquiring a better smile!

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