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At Graziano Orthodontics, we are dedicated to helping you to restore and maintain straight, well aligned teeth and a normal bite, free of discomfort and embarrassment over how your smile looks. We offer a variety of orthodontic services in our efforts to meet that goal. It all begins with an initial oral examination. It is essential to determine where you are before we can get you to where you want to be. Through the use of a visual checkup as well as x-rays and a thorough discussion of your current oral habits, Dr. Graziano is able to gauge the state of your teeth and the supporting bone structure. Digital x-rays, which represent the latest technology in imaging, are very useful in giving a full view of what is going on in your mouth. And they also reduce the radiation exposure by 90%.

Orthodontic Jaw Alignment Staten Island

Orthodontic Jaw Alignment Staten Island

In order to realign your teeth properly and correct problems such as crowded teeth or misaligned jaws, there are two basic types of appliances that used to do so. Much of it depends upon how severe your situation is and Dr. Graziano will discuss your options with you as well as his recommendations. Traditional braces are familiar to most of us and they do a fine job of correcting alignment challenges. However, if you are concerned about the look and the feel of metal braces, there is another option available. Graziano Orthodontics is pleased to offer Invisalign. These are clear aligners that are nearly undetectable to the eye. Using a state of the art 3-D computer imaging system, Dr. Graziano will create a series of custom fit aligners, each serving its role in straightening your teeth.

Interceptive orthodontics offers an opportunity for your children to get a head start on having straight and properly aligned teeth. Beginning as early as age 7, this permits Dr. Graziano to actively guide your child’s tooth growth and development. Room can be made in your child’s mouth so that space is available for the teeth that have not come in yet. Guided jaw development is also helpful. At Graziano Orthodontics, we can help you to avoid the expense and difficulties associated with more extreme orthodontic procedures for your child later on.

Interceptive Orthodontics Staten Island
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