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 New Dorp Invisible Braces

If you have been giving thought to having your teeth straightened, but you wince at the thought of wearing traditional metal braces, you are going to be thrilled to learn about the new Esthetic Biomers Simpliclear Brace System. Graziano Orthodontics is pleased to offer this revolutionary and state of the art way to give you the properly aligned teeth that you need but with braces that are totally and completely clear. Our New Dorp orthodontic treatment has all the benefits of metal braces, but without the mess of tangled wires that everyone can see. Invisible braces have already existed for a while, but where Simpliclear beat them is by offering not only a clear bracket, but a clear wire too. After all, if the wire is visible, it serves to undermine the entire invisible idea. It’s also stain resistant, so you won’t have to feel anxiety about everything you eat and drink. What could be better?

Clear Orthodontic System 10304

Clear Orthodontic System 10304

As part of our New Dorp orthodontic treatment, Simpliclear is a highly effective, safe, and affordable option for moving your teeth into the straighter and proper position where they belong. You lose nothing by giving up on traditional metal braces. Well, you do lose the self-consciousness that accompanies wearing them. And if you suffer from metal allergies, well that makes Simpliclear a wonderful way to get orthodontic treatment where you may have previously been unable to. In addition, it is comfortable to wear. Sometimes, metal braces can dig into your gums and cause discomfort in the process.

How does Simpliclear do all of this? It gently moves your teeth into the position as prescribed by our New Dorp orthodontic treatment. This happens in staged movements, which means you have a smoother and more pleasant experience as your teeth are being repositioned. This is all supported by 3D computer technology to help ensure precision. Your Simpliclear braces are custom designed to fit you and only you. It is truly a giant step in the field of orthodontics. Call us today and schedule an appointment for a consultation to find out if Simpliclear is the right choice for you.

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