Staten Island Children’s Orthodontist

Staten Island Children’s Orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment, as with just about any other form of medical treatment, can be most effective when provided early. Thanks to interceptive orthodontics, a patient can now begin treatment years earlier than they might have in the past, resulting in a simpler and more positive experience for the patient in the future. At Graziano Orthodontics, our Staten Island children’s orthodontist incorporates this approach into his practice to provide his patients with superior treatment.

Children's Braces Staten Island

Children’s Braces Staten Island

Prior to the development of interceptive orthodontics, orthodontic treatment generally began after all of the adult teeth had erupted. Because of this, most patients were usually somewhere between the ages of 12 and 14 when their malocclusion was diagnosed and treatment commenced. Unfortunately, this often meant that certain permanent teeth needed to be extracted in order facilitate effective treatment. Sometimes, headgear or orthodontic appliances were necessary for treatment, which often resulted in a lack of cooperation from teenage patients. Now, thanks to interceptive orthodontics, at Graziano Orthodontics our Staten Island children’s orthodontist can phase treatment, beginning when the patient is between the ages of 7 and 11. By doing so, the orthodontist reduces the need to extract teeth and provides for easier treatment when the patient is a teenager. Using techniques such as arch expansion, jaw growth can be enhanced and the next phase in treatment can go much more smoothly than it might have in the past, resulting in a patient who is both happy and healthy. By starting treatment earlier, our orthodontist, Dr. John Graziano, can also take more time to monitor the quality of a patient’s bite and make sure that the treatment is effective.

For years, Staten Island children’s orthodontist Dr. John Graziano has been helping patients correct their malocclusions, using the latest tools and techniques to make sure that they get the best results from their treatment. Working with our staff, he runs a practice that is geared towards providing you with superior care. Now, thanks to interceptive orthodontics, that treatment can begin even earlier. To learn more about interceptive orthodontics, schedule an appointment with us at Graziano Orthodontics. We’ll answer your questions so you can learn everything there is to know about this treatment strategy.

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