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Many of us are concerned with the state of our smiles. If you happen to be concerned about the position of your teeth and their overall appearance, or perhaps even your bite, due to missing teeth then dental implants can be your solution. But sometimes treatment is not that easy and malpositioned teeth can impede the treatments our Staten Island orthodontist would recommend. Here at Graziano Orthodontics, Dr. John Graziano, DDS can provide you with the proper consultation to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Orthodontic Treatments 10304

Orthodontic Treatments 10304

Missing teeth not only affect the appearance of our mouths, but our bite as well. This can cause strain and discomfort when it comes to eating, chewing or biting. When it comes to resolving missing teeth, there are a multitude of options. Dental implants, bridges and dentures can help solve the issue by filling the empty space with artificial teeth. But sometimes it is just not that easy. After a consultation with our Staten Island orthodontist, Dr. Graziano at Graziano Orthodontics you can be directed to which course of treatment is right for you. After mapping out your mouth, Dr. Graziano will determine the space required to install dental implants and compare that to the current layout of your mouth. It may be possible that teeth need to be repositioned in order to make room for dental implants, dental bridges or even dentures. Orthodontic treatment can successfully move your teeth to their desired position by gradually guiding them into place. Your orthodontic plan is created specifically for your mouth by Dr. Graziano in order to give you the most precise treatment possible. Once your teeth are in place, Dr. Graziano can begin mapping out your dental implant treatment. Now that your teeth are positioned more favorably, dental implants can be more easily installed to create a better, straighter and healthier smile.

Aside from filling out your smile with dental implants, the orthodontic treatment prior to the procedure will provide you with a beautiful smile. After visiting out Staten Island orthodontist, you will be able to live your life with ease and confidence. Graziano Orthodontics can provide you with the caring treatment you and your smile deserve.

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