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Giving your child a head start toward straight, properly spaced teeth, and a normal occlusion (or bite) is the goal of interceptive orthodontics. Through active guidance in the way that your child’s teeth grow and develop, Graziano Orthodontics can help you to limit or even avoid the need for braces and retainers later on. Our Staten Island pediatric orthodontist, Dr. John Graziano, can at least minimize the severity of orthodontic concerns in the future.

10304 Interceptive Orthodontics

10304 Interceptive Orthodontics

As a rule of thumb, orthodontic treatment for children has traditionally started between the ages of 12 and 14. But doing so often led to more complicated solutions, including the need to extract adult teeth to make room for orthodontic treatment to be done and of course, the use of braces, headgear, and other appliances. Interceptive orthodontics takes a proactive stance to treat problems sooner, as early as ages 7 to 11. By doing so, any teeth that are growing in crooked, or other tooth and bite alignment concerns can be more simply addressed. For example, your child may be experiencing tooth crowding. Conversely, there may be too much space between his or her teeth. Jaw growth may be not progressing normally or teeth may be protruding. These are all issues that our Staten Island pediatric orthodontist can handle as part of using interceptive orthodontics. Methods like arch expansion can be a helpful part of the process. This provides space for adult teeth to grow in without crowding and makes for more streamlined treatment during the typical orthodontic treatment ages.

As a parent, there are signs you should look out for, symptoms that can indicate your child may benefit from interceptive orthodontics. Among these are teeth that are coming in crooked or is she or he is experiencing any problems that are linked to tooth alignment and bite. Others include breathing through the mouth, difficulties chewing, finger or thumb sucking, misplaced teeth, early loss of baby teeth, baby teeth that stay in too long, jaw that is out of proportion with the rest of the face, shifting jaw, or jaw that makes a sound when it move. If you do notice any of the above, you should call us and schedule a consultation with our Staten Island pediatric orthodontist.

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