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Staten Island retainers

Staten Island retainers

Retainers and expanders play important roles in orthodontic treatments. At our practice, Graziano Orthodontics, they are commonly used in specific orthodontic situations. If your child needs Staten Island retainers, expanders, or other orthodontic treatment, we know you will be very pleased with the orthodontic care your family will receive at our orthodontic practice.

Dr. John Graziano is our experienced orthodontist who has been in private practice for more than 37 years. At our practice we are happy to welcome both children and adults. We work to always provide patients with the highest level of care, and make sure that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed when they come in to our office for treatment. At our practice our orthodontist often uses Staten Island retainers and expanders to help with specific orthodontic situations. Expanders are used to widen the upper jaw of a child. This is needed when the lower and upper jaw will not fit together well. Expanders are usually used in patients younger than age 15, because at this age the bones of the upper jaw are still pliable. Expanders generally are attached to the teeth by a series of bands, and are activated by turning a screw with a key. Expanders can play a critical role in helping a child develop a hopeful and attractive bite.

Staten Island retainers are generally used to maintain the results obtained by a patient’s wearing of braces. Retainers can also be used to close spaces, or maintain expansions after a child’s jaw is adjusted with the use of an expander. Sometimes the use of retainers is recommended indefinitely to maintain optimal results. When orthodontic work is performed on adults, the teeth are less likely to stay in place all by themselves, then when the work is performed on children. For this reason many adults need to use retainers after their dental work is completed. Retainers can be made up of wires or can even be clear retainers made of plastic. These type of retainers are very popular with some patients because they are practically invisible when you wear them. Retainers can be either fixed or removable to help ensure that teeth stay where they should after braces are removed. Bonded retainers are permanent retainers that line the lower portion of your teeth on the side not seen by others. Some patients enjoy these types of retainers because they do not have to be concerned with putting the retainers in and then taking them out of their mouth on a daily basis. When it comes time for you or your child to need a retainer, our orthodontist will be happy to thoroughly discuss the different options with you.

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