Teeth Treatment Staten Island NY

Caring for and living with braces in Staten Island NY

Teeth treatment Staten Island NY

Teeth treatment Staten Island NY

Caring for braces is a process that needs to be followed if the patient expects to keep their teeth clean and healthy during the orthodontic process. At Graziano Orthodontics, we teach patients how to clean their braces and how to deal with day to day life as they wear their braces. This includes care for both Invisalign and traditional braces. Our teeth treatment Staten Island NY offices provide easy appointments for patients who need to come in and get braces done, or have their braces adjusted.

Invisalign braces tend to make it easier to clean teeth than with traditional braces. This is because Invisalign or clear braces can be removed for cleaning. Regular braces tend to trap food and other debris inside the braces and between gums, making it hard to get food out, which can result in cavities or tooth decay if proper cleaning isn’t followed. Patients should be sure to brush and floss twice per day, paying special attention to the brackets and in between teeth and braces. If you choose Invisalign, simply remove the tray and clean teeth before putting it back in. Invisalign teeth treatment Staten Island NY works to correct many different types of malocclusions and in a more non-invasive manner than traditional braces, making them a perfect choice for everyone.

Invisalign depends on a series of clear plastic aligners that are fitted exactly to patient’s teeth. A computer generated layout of the oral structure is created to achieve the series of aligners that will be used over the course of treatment. Invisalign takes about a year, or the same amount of time as regular braces. Both traditional and Invisalign braces take up to a year or more, depending on the level of alignment needed. Our doctor at our teeth treatment Staten Island NY offices can tell you more about braces and how to clean them properly.

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